Heating and tap water solutions,

Heating and tap water solutions

House of Imperia - Heating and tap water solutions

Imperia Fastigheter is a real estate company based in Västerås, whose aim is to change the way we build multi-family homes today. Their vision is to be one of the leading companies to create a modern Västerås to live and work in, and raise the standard for tenancies. They a real estate concept that focuses on a long-term, sustainable living where environment and technology is in the forefront. The concept is called House of Imperia.

To develope this concept, Imperia wanted to cooperate will local actors who shares their vision, where solutions that are at the highest standards, innovative and sustainable are a given. Thus, when Imperia were going to start building the first concept buildings Kungsängen 15 and Kungljuset 2, Uponor was the obvious partner when it came to deliver tap water and heating solutions.

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Water and heating solutions for House of Imperia

Two different projects. One renovation. One completely new building. Our flexible products made it possible to deliver a perfect solution for both of them.

The House of Imperia concept contains space effective rental apartments with high ceilings, smart floor plans and a lot of light transmission. The houses energy consumption is far below average, and the aim for the future is to become self-sufficient with help from solar energy. The tenant can have an impact and keep track of their energy consumption through thermostats and digital supervision. All the rooms have underfloor heating, which distributes the heat better throughout the surface and increases the furnishing flexibility.

- Five years ago, I started looking at how rental apartments was going to look like in the future, and what we could do different. There’s so much technology that is not used, simply because it is too expensive. Underfloor heating is an example. What we did was to research how people wants to live today, the demands they have, which includes smaller surfaces and energy efficient properties. Based on that, we created this concept, Niclas Ericsson VP and owner of Imperia Fastigheter says.

Project Kungsängen
Kungsängen 15 is the first property that follows the concept House of Imperia. The property is a new-build and follows the concept to the fullest, where volume, light transmission and smart floor plans were the key words that shined through the whole project. It was before this project that Uponor started their cooperation with Imperia. The supplier for tap water and heating solutions were already decided, but when Uponor presented their proposition, Imperia switched supplier, reason being that the solutions were completely in line with the House of Imperia concept. To meet the demands of more light transmission, and evenly distributed heat in the whole apartment, Imperia chose to install Uponor Siccus underfloor heating in all of the apartments.

“We chose underfloor heating to get high-quality heating distribution and we also wanted to remove the radiators to create a nice apartment”, Niclas Ericsson said.

Project Kungsljuset
Kungsljuset 2 is the second project where Imperia has used Uponor as a supplier for tap water and heating solutions for the House of Imperia concept. The property is an old secondary school, and is the first to go through a renovation to fit the concept. The school has been rebuilt to 57 apartments, along with a public preschool, that lays door-to-door with the apartments.

Uponor Siccus underfloor heating system has also been used in this project, and is installed in all the apartments on the ground floor. The initial plan was to install underfloor heating in all the apartments, but was not possible due to the constraints of the property. The solution was to install radiators along with Uponor Uni Pipe PLUS piping and fittings.

Also delivered to the project is solutions for manifolds and manifold cabinets. Uponors Meltaway snow and ice melting system is installed outside the preschool and in the garage, which gives the tenants the security of walking outside safely during the winter months, without having to worry about slipping and walking in slush.

Heating and tap water solutions

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